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In any water damage restoration project, removing all standing water is the first step, whether it’s flood water or water from a pipe burst. 

But why? What makes water removal so imperative?

If they become wet, your community’s timber frames become ticking time bombs. This is because the wood will swell and contract, weakening the nails, joints and other connections, leading to structural instability. There is a possibility that foundations will shift as a result of floodwater, resulting in irreparable damage.

In the event of water damage in your home or place of business, dangerous molds and unhealthy living conditions are almost certain to follow, making your home or business uninhabitable. In order to resume normal living, residual water must be removed as soon as possible.

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Is it possible to remove water yourself?

Due to the possibility of highly contaminated water, we strongly advise against this. Additionally, you may not have the necessary equipment to get the water out properly. 

The teams at Precise Water Damage Restoration group will have the latest and most advanced water extraction equipment when they come to your water-damaged property. 

By combining this state-of-the-art technology with their extensive expertise and training, they can remove all water from your property quickly and thoroughly.

Then the next steps in the restoration process – dehumidification and structural drying – can begin. Eliminating moisture from surfaces and air will prevent mold and other dangerous microorganisms from developing.

As the damaged region dries, our partners monitor the temperature and humidity to make sure the drying process is successful. They also ensure the materials are drying out properly by checking their moisture content.

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More Water Removal FAQs

Wet properties can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to dry out depending on the extent and the severity of water damage. 

Water damage comes in three types, each of which can accompany flooding. Understanding the differences between them is crucial because two of them can cause harm to people living or working on your property. The following is a list of them:

  • Cleanwater – Overflowing sinks, rain and snow water, leaks from appliances like a fridge, and supply line leaks. These pose no threat to you or anybody around. You may, however, experience flooring damage as a result, but usually that’s as far as it goes.

  • Greywater: Greywater can cause illnesses because it contains a significant amount of chemical, physical, or biological contamination. Where does it come from? Greywater usually comes from overflowing toilets, sump pump failure, or a washing machine leak.

  • Black Water: Black water is dangerous. It can cause severe illnesses due to the pathogens sometimes found inside. It comes from flash floods and sewage backups.

In most cases, yes. However, the chances of successfully salvaging your furniture depend on the extent of water damage and how long it remained wet. It also depends on the item itself and its materials. Usually, paper, electronics, and wooden furtniture can be saved.

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